Das much. Global Work Programm

Join much. as a remote team member

If you’re looking for a new challenge within a motivated, diverse team of people who identify problems and focus on solutions … well, then you might want to have a closer look at this program.

much. global work is aimed at creative problemsolvers from all over the world, with an open mind and lots of drive. No matter where you are located, we invite you to become part of much. and support us as dedicated full time developer. The program is implemented in two overarching phases: You start as a remote developer from your home country and, if the collaboration is successful, after six months we’ll invite you to relocate to Germany with our support. 

Do not worry about:

Learning German

First, let us stress that none of our open positions in this program require German. So you can take your time learning the language. Costs for any paidf language courses will be covered by the company. In addition, you will receive a self-learning budget for various training costs, which you can dispose of freely. . In the meantime you get along well with English in your day-to-day life. Most Germans speak English pretty well and are happy to do so, whenever a opportunity presents itself. Also don’t worry of feeling left out of conversations during lunch: much. has established English as the official office language for quite some time.

Finding accommodation

Moving to another country can be a challenge especially when it comes to finding an apartment. Since most of us are not original residents of munich ourselves, we know the common obstacles and pitfalls in the local housing market and are happy to offer our advise and help with any questions you might have. Note: bureaucracy

Dealing with bureaucracy

In order to come to Germany and to stay here, you will have to jump through a few hoops made of paper. Since we know, German red tape can be especially confusing,  we will provide you with a comprehensive guide of all the administrative offices you will have to go to and which appointments you wil have to make, to settle down without any problems. 

Advance your career in one of Germany’s most famous cities

As home of the world-famous Oktoberfest and the country’s third largest city, Munich is a true international hub. Attracted by the area’s good location and prosperity, many global companies such as BMW, Siemens and PWC have their headquarters in Munich, which draws increasing numbers of skilled academics from abroad. Nature has a high priority here: water, forests and public parks take up a total of 19.8 percent of the city’s area. A top spot for many is the „English Garden,“ a large public park in the city center that is even larger than Central Park in New York. Also there is the unbeatable central location within Europe:  You can drive to Italy in two hours, go skiing in the Alps on the weekend, or be anywhere else in Europe in no time by plane. You can explore not only your new home, but all of Europe!

Find the position that suits you and apply today!

What we offer

  • challenging, diverse projects and a steep learning curve
  • the chance to move to Munich, Germany after a remote work period 
  • contracts in compliance with the tax and social security regulations of your home country 
  • support for visa process, paperwork & finding an apartment in Germany 
  • high quality work equipment 
  • designated buddy as personal confidant 
  • learning budget for personal development 
  • weekly much. global lunch
  • flexible working hours
  • inclusion in a motivated & high performing international team
  • above average salary 

This it how it works

Step 1: Application
Check out our vacancies and see which position fits your background, experience and preferences. Send us your complete application documents summarised in a single PDF file. Your documents should include:
1. CV
2. Cover letter
3. Transcripts / Grade Summaries
4. References & other certificates
Once you got all relevant documents together, please send your application to the email adress specified in the job ad.
Step 2: Coding Challenge
After we received and reviewed your documents (we are really quick with that, promise!), we want to see how you perform in practice. That is what the coding challenge is for. It will be send to you at an agreed time and you will have to complete it within a predetermined time frame before you send it back to us. Of course, if you finish before the agreed time, an earlier submission will be considered positive. 
Step 3: First Interview
After we revised the results of your challenge we will  apply the scoring which we specifically developed for our application process. If your performance convinced us (and we are sure it will ;)), we will invite you to a one-on-one interview wit our HR manager. This first meeting gives you and us the chance to get to know each other and see whether you’ll feel comfortable in our company culture. Don’t hesitate to ask away!
Step 4: Second interview
In the second interview we focus on all technical topics and tasks at much. Consulting Here we sit together with one of our managing partners and one of our developers and discuss not only HR questions but also the technical assessment, existing professional experience, expectations and organizational matters.In addition, some situations are described for which solutions are required and various technical problems that need to be solved by you. But don`t you worry, there is no wrong answer – we just want to discuss different approaches together.


Step 5: Contracts
As you will learn more and more from now on, nothing works in Germany without paperwork. Thus, we will need you to sign your contract and other relevant documents ASAP. Again, we are happy to answer all your question and explain everything in detail. The documents will be sent to you via email for e-sign.
Step 6: Materials & Access
For a smooth start in the company and to get you into a productive workflow as quickly as possible we will send you all the essential accesses you will need 1-2 weeks before your start date. You will also receive learning materials for a first introduction to Odoo, the system we work with.


Step 7: Equipment
Our team members in Germany get provided with all the technical equipment they need when they first arrive at the office. Since that is not possible for our remote people, we will provide you with a set-up in another way. Such equipment would include laptop,  head-set, keyboard, mice etc.


Step 8: First day 
Welcome to your first proper day at much. Consulting! After the stand-up HR will guide you through the onboarding. For your first two weeks you will receive an onboarding plan with activities and task scheduled everyday. You will also be assigned a „Buddy“, a designated colleague who you can turn to with problems and questions and who will help you to get used to our way of doing things.
Step 9: remote work for at least six months 
Over the course of the next weeks you will learn about Odoo and get involved in our various projects. There will be regular feedback and expectation meetings scheduled along the way, during which we are able to reflect together on your development and progress and to discuss our wishes for the future.  if, after six months, this remote period was a succes for both of us, it is time to talk about the next phase.
Step 10: Moving to Germany
After six months if we have both come to the agreement that you and much. Consulting are  indeed a perfect match, it is time to pack your bags: because we would like you to join us in person now!

How to come to Germany

These are the general steps you will have to complete in order to move to Munich. Of course, depending on your country of origin, the process might differ slightly.

Work permit

You will have to apply for this at at the German embassy in your country.

Required documents

These will be provided by us. We will provide you further help along the process

Blue card

Once you arrived in Germany you can apply for the blue card. In a nutshell this is the best visa you can get in Germany

Still got questions? Contact us now:

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HR Business Partner

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