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Are you ready for a career at much. Consulting? We are a boutique consultancy with offices in Munich and Lisbon and work with international companies of all sizes. We are ambitious, team-oriented and enjoy our work. much. is growing quickly and we invite you to grow with us! If you want to become part of our team, check out our job offers (below). And if none of them fits your profile, then write to us! We look forward to hearing from you directly.

About our team:

Join a diverse, international group of creative problemsolvers that enjoys their work and likes to have fun along the way!




More than


Languages spoken

Dad jokes a day

“The ambition to consult excellently paired with the culture of Silicon Valley”

Managing Partner

Imagine working as a consultant and still being cool! That is our aim at much. We combine the culture of Silicon Valley with the efficiency of a professional consulting company. Where other consultants travel to clients in suits, we sit in front of the webcam in shorts, but with a shirt. We are always at eye level with our two bosses Simon & Mike.

„I don’t always make memes, but when I do, they are about my boss.“

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) & Chief Meme Officer (CMO)

We have offices in Munich, Germany and in Lisbon, Portugal. The Munich office has room for over 100 employees with many sofas, birch trunks and a large communal room making it very cozy. Our Lisbon office offers an amazing view over Marquês de Pombal and the neighbouring Parque Eduardo VII invites for a stroll during lunch. As you can see, much. is all about enjoying work. After Beer o’clock, we also like to enjoy a bottle of Augustiner or a glass of wheat beer.

“I’m done for the day! Mike drop”

Managing Partner

And when work is over, we go hiking together, go to the gym, go to the movies, or play a game of table football in the office. We experience many cool things together, team events such as laser tag, Company&Family barbecue, PowerPoint karaoke, or much. Party, get along very well and are looking forward to Mondays!

“The only company where your boss will serve you coffee…”

and Sandwiches!”

Why much.?

Exciting projects and customers

Challenging tasks

Flexible working hours

Relaxed team atmosphere

Benefits: bike, gym membership, self-learning budget, drinks, cafe, etc.

You … ?

…love to work independently and autonomously.

…enjoy working in a challenging job that creates value

…are open-minded and stand behind what you do.

…find teamwork indispensable.

…want to learn new baristas skills 😉

Meet our newest team members @ much.!

Open positions

Tips for applying

Application documents

Your application documents give us a first impression of you, your training, your experience and your personality. This information serves as the basis for deciding whether you can master the first hurdle in the application process.

Well-prepared and complete application documents help us make good and informed decisions and avoid wrong decisions that can cost both the candidate and us a lot of time. It is best to summarize the documents in a PDF.

To make a good first impression, your application should include the following documents:


The resume is the core of your application. In it, you give us an overview of your achievements and accomplishments to date. To enable us to quickly identify the most important milestones in your career, it is crucial that your resume is clearly structured. It should be no longer than two A4 pages and include sections on your work experience and education. Include the grades of your degrees and show us what other language and computer skills you have. Make sure that the design is appealing and consistent.

Cover letter (optional)

A cover letter is optional with us, but we’d love for you to tell us more about yourself and your motivation to work with us. Don’t just repeat your resume in your cover letter, but explain to us what’s behind the bullet points in your resume. What do you like about much.? Why are you a good fit for us? What qualities and skills can you bring to our team?

Certificates/grades overviews (bachelor's degree, master's degree, diploma, doctorate)

Grades are not everything, but they do give us an idea of your interests and strengths. Send us all relevant diplomas and also your current interim reports.

Job references and other certificates

Job references give us a good insight into what your previous activities were and what tasks you performed here. Certificates of language or IT courses, for example, support the information in your resume.

Case Study

If you apply to us as a developer or consultant and have passed the first hurdle, we will invite you to work on a case study. You will receive the tasks from us at an agreed time. From then on, you will have a pre-determined amount of time to complete the tasks before you send them back to us. If you finish before the end of the agreed time, an earlier submission will be evaluated positively.

To help you successfully complete the case study, we have put together a few tips for you:

  • Read the information and all other notes that we send you carefully.
  • Design your solution in such a way that we can follow your train of thought. So add your calculations, formulas and notes. It is more interesting for us how you arrived at the solution than whether the solution is correct.
  • Send all solutions, even if you could not finish a task, for example, because of time pressure. Unfinished solutions also help us to evaluate your work.
    Present the solutions in an appealing way and in the manner given.
  • Present the solutions in an appealing way and in the manner given.

The interview serves as an opportunity for both sides to get to know each other. We will ask you about technical topics and check your cultural fit. You will be asked questions about your previous experience, your way of working, your specialist knowledge and your personality.

In order to convince us in the personal interview, you should keep a few points in mind:

  • Prepare for the interview. Take another look at the job description and the company website of much.
  • Think about your strengths and weaknesses, your qualifications and how you can enrich our team.
  • Don’t let yourself get flustered during the interview. If you can’t think of the right answer to a question right away, take some time to think before you answer.
  • Be flexible. There is not always a right or wrong answer and sometimes there are questions that you may not have prepared for.
  • Have fun during the interview! We are looking for personalities who not only fit in well with us professionally, but with whom we can also have fun outside of work.

Did not find the right one for you?

Send us an initiative application. We are always on the lookout for interesting talent.