Multi-Channel & E-Commerce ERP

Managing high volume sales and inventory in a shop system can be a complex and aggravating task. Multiple sales channels and platforms have to be consolidated, leading to stock synchronisation & oversale issues as well as missing overview in reports, customer and financial data. A good ERP system is able to manage this complexity for you while enabling you to identify your target audience across all platforms and providing you with the means to grow nationally and internationally. We can help you in building a foundation for all your current and future marketplaces and in providing an excellent experience for your customers and employees.

This will provide you with unparalleled process efficiency while being fully transparent in regards to earnings & performance, enabling you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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“I was and still am very impressed how, with the support of MUCH.Consulting, we were not only able to make a sound choice for a new ERP system within a few months, but also to implement it in only three months without delay and within the planned budget. With the support of MUCH, we can continue on our steep growth path”.

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Co-Founder & COO air up GmbH

How we can help:


  • Fast & reliable integrations with all commonly used eCommerce systems, marketplaces and payment providers
  • Enable customer service to communicate with customers and solve any issues with only one point of contact
  • Easy-to use processes for order cancellations & refunds
  • Integrations with most logistics systems, including enabling logistics providers to work in the ERP system directly
  • In-depth sales & financial reports in real time, including stock forecasting even for multi-step supply chains
  • Enabling synchronized customer & order data from different channels for better conversion and sales reports
  • Exchange of data with suppliers and customers via EDI
  • Enable fully integrated & automated order-to-invoice workflows
  • Multi language & multi-currency
  • Providing systems that can scale with your business needs
  • Enabling automated payment processing and reconciliation as well as follow-up management
  • Provide a full overview of all your inventory value, finances and cash flow in real time.

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