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From 0 to Go-Live in 2-4 months - We realize your complete e-commerce ERP project with Odoo ERP with all necessary integrations & customizations and highest possible Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Grow efficiently & keep the full picture with the right ERP solution

Managing large volumes of sales and inventory in a single system is complicated. Multiple sales channels and platforms need to be consolidated, which can cause problems with inventory synchronization and lead to overselling. A powerful ERP system helps manage this complexity, to reach target audiences across platforms, and to support domestic and international growth.

As a full-service ERP partner, we help you make processes more efficient and gain complete visibility into sales and performance to stay ahead of your competitors.

How we help our e-commerce customers:

Siloed solutions & tool zoo

Lack of integration

High manual overhead due to manual data transfer

Cluttered warehouse structure

High coordination overhead inhibits scalability

Complex documentation

Often additional costs due to external fulfillment

Time-consuming communication

Cumbersome communication with suppliers / customers

Time-consuming exception handling

Bureaucratic processes

Omni-channel system

Consolidation of all sales, warehouse and purchasing processes

Precise controlling from a single source

Mapping of complex warehouse structures

Automated documentation creation (RfQs, delivery orders, returns, stock movements, etc.)

Simplified inventory planning through Master Production Schedule

Easy & fast integration of a wide range of tools & helpers

Ready-made integrations with Shippypro, Channelengine & Procuros

Easy exception handling through streamlined process design

How we can launch your e-commerce ERP in 2-4 months

With our Odoo setup, you are ready for up to 100k orders per day and have all your business processes under control.

1. we focus on must-haves

We know which essential features and data are needed to build a functional and effective e-commerce ERP system from the start and focus on what really matters. This allows us to keep your processes lean during automation and keep the project scope and budget firmly under control at all times.

Every e-commerce ERP needs from day one:

Master data like products


Stock & Inventory



In addition, we integrate all applications into your system landscape.

2. we use ready-to-use, high-performance integrations.

System integrations are indispensable for successful e-commerce ERP projects. APIs and middleware enable real-time data exchange between systems to process orders, deliveries and inventories quickly and effortlessly, and to maintain an overview. Automated processes such as sending confirmation emails and invoices save time and resources. Our self-developed Odoo integrations are also designed for high transaction volumes and can be easily adapted to your specific use case.

We integrate:

2.1 Shops & Marketplaces

We seamlessly integrate your shopsystem with Odoo ERP. We offer integration solutions for Shopify, Shopware 6, Magento2 and WooCommerce, that are currently among the most powerful connectors on the market. Thanks to our generalized integration framework, our shop integrations can handle up to 150,000 orders per day, compared to the 4,000-5,000 orders from alternative providers. This gives you true scalability for e-commerce with Odoo ERP

integration shops 1
Integrations new

Likewise, we offer Odoo ERP integration with the marketplace aggregator Channelengine, which allows you to connect over 95 international marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Zalando,, Wish, Walmart, etc.) to your Odoo ERP through a single powerful integration.

2.2 Third-Party Logistics (3PL)-Provider, WMS & Dropshipping

With our basic framework for controlling the performance and functionality of logistics integrations, we can quickly and easily integrate any of your 3rd party logistics providers, external warehouses or your own warehouse management system with Odoo ERP

integration wms 2
2.3 Creating shipping labels

Thanks to our Odoo ERP integration with ShippyPro, you can connect more than 160 global shipping providers, including DHL, DPD, Hermes, TNT, UPS and more, to your ERP via a powerful API. ShippyPro provides a centralized shipping management interface that allows customers to create shipping labels, track shipments and compare shipping costs. With fully automated domestic and international shipping process handled directly through your Odoo ERP.

integration shippy 2
2.4 EDI purchasing

By integrating Odoo ERP with the cloud-based EDI platform PROCUROS, we enable you to seamlessly exchange electronic business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and delivery bills with your trading partners. The platform supports a wide range of industries and business models, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing and logistics.

integration procuros 2

=Integration Hub, which connects your ERP with all your trading partners’ systems via a single integration.

2.5 Payments

We enable you to seamlessly connect all required payment processes to your Odoo ERP by integrating PSP service providers such as Paypal, Stripe or Adyen. This minimizes your internal processing effort and offers your customers a wide range of payment options.

integration payment 2

3. we create a no-touch, fully automated e-commerce process

We have worked with many companies and developed all the necessary automations to develop a multi-channel order-to-cash process with Odoo without any manual intervention required at all.

For the purchase-to-pay process, we use our powerful forecasting and reordering system as well as container tracking in the system to enable the smallest possible operations team.

Our customers

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What our customers say


„I was and still am very impressed how, with the support of much. Consulting, we were not only able to make an informed choice for a new ERP system within a few months, but also implement it in just three months without delay and within the planned budget. With much.’s support, we can continue on our steep growth path.”

Fabian Schlang
Fabian Schlang
Co-Founder & COO air up GmbH


much. is a reliable partner for us and much more than a mere supplier, enabling us to take our business to the next level. The team at much. is incredibly smart, understands the ins and outs of our business very quickly, and is a proactive partner from the start, delivering solutions while thinking outside the box.

Michael Kowalzik
Managing Shareholder, Miomente GmbH

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