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What makes this program different:

Deciding on a trainee program is often difficult. Those who first want to gain perspective after their studies will find many benefits in it, but they also have to make sacrifices. With its varied structure, a trainee position offers, among other things, insights into different areas of a company as well as intensive mentoring/promotion. However, it often lacks the long-term security of a permanent position, a fair salary and more challenging tasks.

Our aim is to do things differently. Our 360° Trainee Program is designed to offer you the advantages of a trainee position without the usual disadvantages.


What makes this program 360°?


Experience gains


long-term employment


Benefits at a glance

  • you gain insights & practical experience in various fields of your choice.
  • through measures such as a personal mentor, detailed onboarding plan & regular feedback rounds, you will experience intensive support and supervision
  • you have the opportunity to work from one of our international locations (Lisbon or India) for 6 months and thus gain additional international experience
  • you will work on interesting projects and challenging tasks that always deliver added value.
  • various entry opportunities after completion of the program
  • above-average compensation
  • hybrid work in a young, open company culture
  • many additional benefits

Key Facts

  1. Duration: 18-24 months – can also be shortened and changed directly into a long-term employment if desired 
  2. annual salary: 40-55.000 € gross
  3. Location: Munich HQ
  4. Rotation system with self-imposed focus in three departmental area


Anna Eberhard 

HR Manager


360° Experience gains

It is not unusual that trainee programs work on a rotation principle and thus cover different departments of a company. much. 360 does not stop there, but also offers you the chance to combine your trainee program with a stay abroad. Likewise, a trainee program at a consultancy with an international client base such as ours has the advantage that you also acquire knowledge in different industries and company sizes through our client projects.

Cross-department experience
  • 4×6/3×6 Structure – You will go through a total of 3-4 phases of 6 months each in which you will get to know different departments. You decide which ones you want to work in.
  • Choose 3 out of the following:
    • ERP Consulting with different focal points including
      • Finance & Accounting
      • Supply Chain Management
      • E-Commerce
      • Medtech
      • Services
    • ERP Software Engineering 
      • Features & Customizations (Only Information Systems)
      •  Integrations (Only Information Systems)
    • Key Account & Project Management
    • Pre Sales Consulting & Requirements Engineering
    • Long Term Customer Success
    • B2B Sales & Marketing
Cross-company experience

Working in consulting means working with other companies. Whichever 3 focus areas you choose, in the course of the projects you will come into contact with our customers on a daily basis. This gives you the additional opportunity to gain valuable insights into other company structures & processes on quite a broad scale – our customer base includes international companies of all sizes and industries.

International experience

International experience: If you choose 4×6 phases, we invite you to get to know one of our international offices from the 12th month on! Work for 6 months in beautiful Lisbon Portugal, or in Ahmedabad, India. (not mandatory)

360° Guidance

Extensive Onboarding

In an 8-week clearly defined onboarding plan, you will be intensively prepared for your new tasks. You will complete various modules and milestones and regularly take part in workshops and meetings in which your individual progress will be continuously reviewed.

Personal Mentor

You will be assigned a personal mentor who will accompany you throughout the entire program. He/she is your contact person, to whom you can turn for advice on all professional issues, but who will also help you with any other questions you may have in your day-to-day work.

Continuous knowledge transfer

After your onboarding, you will be involved in weekly feedback rounds, meetings, dojos and jour fixes where you can actively interact with your peers, seniors and supervisors.

360° long-term employment – 100% guaranteed 

Possible career paths @ much. 

Choose which role you want to assume in our team in the long term.

  • ERP Consultant
  • Techno-Function / System Implementation Consultant
  • Project / Key Account Manager
  • Pre Sales Consulting & Requirements Engineer


After completion of your traineeship, we guarantee that all doors will be open to you and your long-term employment with us.

Depending on the departments you have chosen during your program, you will have developed different skills and preferences as to which direction you want to take in the future.

To offer you full flexibility and freedom of choice, we offer a variety of entry-level positions from which you can choose the one that is right for you.

Example roadmap

This is how your traineeship at much Consulting could look like:

Pre-Phase: Application & Program layout definition

Step 1: Application
We avoid excessive application processes with long response times. As soon as you have sent in your application (in general, your CV is sufficient, but ideally you should also send current transcripts and grade summaries), you can expect the following procedure:
1. Short initial interview (30 min)
2. Use case – a practical test of your problem solving approach & conceptual thinking.
3. Second interview (1 hour)
4. Contract offer
On average, the entire application process from application to contract offer takes about 2 weeks max.
Step 2: Roadmap definition
The entire trainee program follows a rotation principle in which you work in 3-4 phases of 6 months each in different departments or “teams” to gain experience. It is up to you to decide at the beginning what exactly these will be. Furthermore, you have to decide once if you opt for the 24 month option (4 phases) which includes a stay abroad in one of our international locations of your choice, or for the 18 month option (3 phases) at your local office. Accordingly, your trainee plan could look like this:

Month 1-6

Phase I: Onboarding + ERP Consulting 

Onboarding (8 weeks)
To get you off to the best possible start, you will first be familiarized with the basics of your future tasks in a thorough 8-week onboarding program. Crucial aspects that you will learn involve techno-functional knowledge, project management, and customer management. You will present your learnings & results in regular mentor meetings.
ERP Consulting – “Team Finance & Accounting”
Let’s assume you decide to join the ERP Consulting Team “Finance & Accounting” for your first station. This would not be the worst choice because finance processes are the backbone of every company in every industry. In the next 4 months you will therefore gain insight into a wide range of projects and support our experts actively in the planning and implementation of complex financial process automation & optimization in ERP software applications.

Month 7-12

Phase II: ERP Consulting

Team “ecommerce”
Now that you have acquired a high level of expertise in the area of financial processes, it is time to move on to phase 2, for which you have chosen the Ecommerce team. Here you can now expand your process knowledge regarding ERP consulting from a previous department focus on finance to sector expertise. Being one of our fastest growing units, our Ecommerce team is ideally suited for this: In the Europe market, we have established ourselves as the leading players in this field and offer many exciting projects for you, among others with renowned international start-ups.

Month 13-18

Phase III: ERP Software Engineering + Placement abroad

Team “integrations”
Now that you’ve gained substantial knowledge of the process side, you’re ready to move on to the more technical aspects of the project. For this you have chosen the team “Integrations” where from now on you will dive deep and detailed into all aspects of various system integrations and work more intensively with our developers and software engineers rather than with customers.
Attention! The choice of ERP Software Engineering teams is only possible if IT was a significant part of your studies.
Going Abroad: Lisbon Portugal 
In this example, you will be based at our HQ in Munich for the majority of your program. However, you have initially opted for the 4-phase variant, whereby you will travel to Portugal in phase three to work in our Lisbon location for the next 6 months. This way you will also gain international experience! Naturally, you will receive active support in the organization of your stay abroad.

Month 19-24

Phase IV: Team “Key Account & Project Management”

Back in Germany, the fourth and final phase of your traineeship begins. For this, you opted to complement the knowledge you have gained in the Process & Functional area with Project & Account Management skills.

Long-term contract

You have now come to the end of your traineeship and decided that you have enjoyed your time with us so much. that you would like to continue in a long-term employment. You also already know in which direction you would like to take for that: The Ecommerce team is happy to welcome you as a permanent member.
In a final interview your decision will be discussed and your new contract will be prepared.
Welcome to much. Consulting!

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