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As a leading Odoo Gold Partner, our commitment is to deliver the highest standards of quality and security for your project. Hence, we’re thrilled to announce that this commitment has been officially recognized with the ISAE 3402, one of the most extensive certifications in the ERP sector!

What is ISAE 3402 & what does it attest to?

ISAE stands for International Standards for Assurance Engagements. These certifications are like the global gold standard for assessing how well a company manages and safeguards its operations. They’re not tied to just one industry but are a mark of trust and reliability across the board, showing that a company isn’t just talking the talk but truly walking the walk in its operations.

ISAE 3402 certifications dive deep. They look at how a company handles its financial reporting controls, especially regarding the management and protection of financial data. The audit takes place over a longer period of time, usually at least six months. At much., the services and the underlying control mechanisms were regularly and extensively tested throughout the 2023 financial year and found to be effective by an independent auditor.

Initially, we started with the ISAE 3402 SOC I Type 1 certification, which confirmed that our controls are designed effectively. Advancing to the Type 2 certification means that we’re now able to demonstrate that these controls are not only well-designed but also consistently applied and effective over time, ensuring our operations run smoothly and securely every day.

Securing this certification is an extensively thorough process, but it’s crucial. In the ERP field, this is the ultimate badge of excellence – and it highlights our dedication to stand out in both quality and service to best secure financial matters.

Choosing an ISAE certified ERP partner brings peace of mind

By deciding on an ISAE certified ERP partner for your project, you will gain:

Maximum Security and Quality: Your business data is precious, and should be treated as such. These certifications are proof of our commitment to ensuring your data is managed with the care it deserves, upholding the highest standards of quality and security.

Risk Reduction: Let’s face it, the digital world can be a risky place. Working with a certified partner means you’ve got someone who knows how to spot, manage, and reduce those risks, keeping your business safe and sound.

Easier Compliance: If you’re in a field with lots of regulations, partnering with us makes your life easier. Our certifications mean you’re collaborating with a team that’s already meeting stringent global standards. This can significantly ease your compliance efforts, as our certified processes ensure you’re on the right track with industry regulations from day one.

Our certifications

Ready to safeguard your ERP journey with us?

Contact us now for a direct discussion on how to best implement your Odoo ERP system. With our guidance and support, you can be rest assured that your Odoo project will be in safe hands and implemented with the utmost level of quality and security!

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