Odoo Experience 2023 Recap – Catching Up on Key Updates & Breaking News You Might Have Missed!

Nov 17, 2023 | Odoo, Odoo, Odoo, Odoo

In  visionary keynotes held across two days, Odoo Founder Fabien Pinckaers outlined new strategy moves and unveiled a host of exciting features for Odoo 17, live from the annual flagship event Odoo Experience 2023. If you missed the event or would simply like an in-depth refresher, you came to the right place. In this article, we will cover everything from expected new features to some surprise announcements you might have missed – check it out! 

Odoo 17 Unveiled – The Key Features & Innovations at a Glance

The moment we had all been waiting for is here! Upon its announcement at Odoo Experience 2023, Odoo 17 has finally arrived – and it is set to transform ERP blueprints across the board. As such, we wanted to bring you an overview of the best and most innovative features of Odoo 17 that promise to redefine how companies manage their entire operations.

A Fresh Look with Enhanced Functionality

User experience is at the forefront of Odoo 17’s design philosophy – as previous sneak peeks would indicate. The platform now boasts a user-friendly interface that’s not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Whether you’re working in light or dark mode, legibility is a top priority. Icons have been revamped for easier recognition, and the Kanban view has been fine-tuned to save space while making information more accessible. Scrolling becomes a breeze with headers that remain locked in place, ensuring smooth navigation. Drag-and-drop was introduced to customize your Odoo 17 dashboard view and rearrange previously static pop-ups. This functionality also extends to all apps, allowing for a range of useful actions like altering report components, moving documents, sheets & articles, and moving images & website blocks.

Easy Exploring with Odoo’s Simplified Search and Filtering 

Searching and filtering are simplified with a unified interface and centralized menu. Shortcuts have been optimized for faster access. Users can now track the duration of each stage, as a status pipeline will now show how long a task, ticket, or lead has stayed in each stage. The ability to select and unselect all records adds to the efficiency of filtering and searching.

Speed Ahead with Faster Performance & a Tenfold User Leap

Performance optimization is a key focus in Odoo 17. It features less code but more features, resulting in a 20-30% reduction in the code database. Startup time and screen loading are significantly faster, with over 50% reduction in loading time – practically, Odoo 16 would take 2 seconds to load and Odoo 17 takes as little as half a second.  The server employs a new API protocol (RPC) for quicker data retrieval, reducing requests from 7 to 3. Scaling up, Odoo 17 now supports a remarkable 50,000 users, a tenfold increase from the previous version.

Exciting New Features – App by App Breakdown


Website: Integration with ChatGPT –  AI Copywriter – and an integrated Unsplash image repository with optimization capabilities.


Sales: Multi-channel sales integration, seamless CRM and website form integration, enhanced CRM opportunity tracking, automatic translation in the Discuss feature, and direct catalog access


Point of Sale: Improved retailer and hospitality POS with extensive product customization and QR code support for self-ordering menus, Kitchen Display & Kiosk new features configurable within POS


Discuss: Enhanced chat functionality with voice memos, video conferencing, and screen sharing. Improved P2P and centralized server communication, integration with SMS, in-website chat, and WhatsApp


Knowledge: Aesthetic improvements in knowledge management, integration with ChatGPT, content history tracking, and in-document commenting


Accounting: Peppol integration under the Enterprise license, custom invoices, customer Peppol verification via Odoo, and automated reconciliation


HR: Organizational chart view, instant transcription of candidate resumes from uploaded PDFs, automatic CV visualization & generation, enhanced calendar features, and new payroll localizations

Odoo 17 New Apps Revealed!

Odoo had been dropping hints about new features, functionalities and apps for the past few months – now the wait is over and our expectations are exceeded! Without a doubt, Odoo 17’s newest apps are clear markers of the innovation that’s at the heart of the company’s vision and this groundbreaking release.

  • Frontdesk App for reception registration & management
  • Meeting Rooms App for room booking & management via both frontend tablet or backend 
  • Shop Floor (new MRP app) to easily track and complete production orders
  • To-do replacing Notes app
  • WhatsApp own app & integration across existing Odoo apps

Advanced Features Made Simple – Hands-off Reporting & No-Coding

In terms of Advanced Reporting, Odoo 17 introduces mixed stacked bar/line charts, simplifying trend analysis on stacked bar charts with the addition of line graphs for group totals.

With Version 17, Odoo seems to want to drive their users to take a no-coding approach to customization. E.g. reports are now directly editable in Studio, and consultants are empowered to handle out-of-the-box tasks without developers. But what does this practically mean for technical and end users of Studio?

  • Granular, multi-level approval rules
  • Editable button visibility 
  • Currency field configuration
  • Fully integrable website with standard and custom apps
  • Enable/disable number formatting
  • Intuitive report editor
  • Powerful automation rules customizable from Kanban views

Surprise! Odoo’s Bold Rebranding Delivers Style and Function

Aside from the buzz surrounding Odoo 17, CEO and founder Fabien Pinckaers also highlighted some clear vision and strategy moves that will propel Odoo into new directions. A new branding approach was introduced and is now visible on their website – this rebranding will reduce emphasis on the trademark purple, while still keeping Odoo’s essence very much alive. They are now opting for a sleeker design that matches Odoo’s focus on content and products – effective, optimized, and no frills!

The Odoo app store has also been revamped. It is now organized by industries, providing users with tailored experiences and partners with a greater chance to correctly target their key audiences. Data modules will also offer API connectivity, enabling one-click installations without the hassle of multiple components.

Are you ready to transform your business with Odoo 17?

Odoo 17 introduces a game-changing ERP experience with enhanced usability, improved search and filtering, and remarkable performance gains. The addition of new features across various apps empowers businesses to adapt and grow in a dynamic environment. 

Contact us now for expert consulting and seamless implementation. Let’s take your business to the next level together!

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