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Odoo Gold Partner much. Consulting has teamed up with the EDI integration aggregator platform Procuros and launched the first-ever Odoo-Procuros Connector. The solution allows Odoo users to connect all trade partner systems and supplier portals via a single integration.

EDI-Integration enables cost reduction of up to 60%

In order to reduce procurement and order processing costs and thus remain competitive, the digital connection of trade partners is becoming increasingly important. To achieve this and in order to successfully digitalize the end-to-end order process, a technical integration with the respective trade partner system is required.

The benefits of such an integration become quite clear when looking at the example of digital invoicing: Sending a paper or PDF invoice generates average costs of up to €11.40 for suppliers, processing on the purchasing side even up to €18.00 per invoice. In contrast, a digital invoice generates costs of ~4.30€ on the supplier side and ~6.15€ on the customer sidea savings possibility of over 60% through integration or digitization (source: e-Invoice study by Deutsche Bank, 2011).

Doing business with several trade partners means several single EDI connections to your Odoo. Not with Procuros!

Despite these significant efficiency gains, many companies are reluctant to go digital with their trade partners. This is largely due to the fact that each integration has to be implemented in complex and often costly IT projects, making it extremely cumbersome and time-consuming to build a digital trading network.

We are therefore all the more pleased to announce a newly established cooperation between Odoo Gold Partner much. Consulting and Procuros.


Connecting all your trade partners via a single interface – Odoo Connector EDI Integration with Procuros by much. Consulting

Procuros – the new standard in B2B transactions

The Procuros Integration Hub enables EDI integration of all trade partners via a single connection. This enables a completely digital exchange of documents in the quote-to-cash process (e.g. quotations, purchase orders, ABs and invoices) and reduces manual data entry by over 80%. At the same time, the error reduction during manual data entry is over 90%.

With the launch of the very first Odoo-Procuros Connector, we aim to enable an end-to-end connection between Odoo users and suppliers by facilitating the technical connection of any suppliers to any Odoo ERP.


The benefits of the Odoo-Procuros connector for customers

  • Only one single technical connection to all supplier portals
  • Send and receive orders, shipping notifications, invoices and more – directly and automatically from your ERP system
  • Avoid time-consuming manual data entry
  • Reduce data entry errors by 90%
  • Higher order volumes per supplier
  • High scalability gains – easily add new trade partners & grow your network

About much. Consulting

The experts at much. Consulting know what matters in process automization to achieve the greatest possible Return on Investment (ROI). Founded in 2017, the Munich-based company quickly realised that fast-growing companies in particular often have difficulties managing their growth and creating lean processes. Consequently, much. provides companies of all sizes with affordable and flexible software solutions – and found the ideal system to do so in Odoo. Through many projects in diverse industries, much. quickly made a name for itself and is now one of the top Odoo partners in Europe with offices in Munich, Berlin & Lisbon.

About Odoo

Odoo is a modular ERP suite. On the one hand, it offers the classic ERP modules such as purchasing, sales, warehousing, production, accounting, but also many other integrations such as MRP, CRM, PMS, & e-commerce. The exchange of information between these modules is seamless and so efficient that access to current company data is possible everywhere in the system. Odoo is browser-based and fully mobile-enabled, allowing users to easily work on the go. All that is needed is internet access and a computer. Basically, Odoo offers solutions for companies of any industry and company size. Whether e-commerce, XaaS, manufacturing, medtech, marketplace or service provider, individual business processes can be digitalised and automated with Odoo. It doesn’t matter whether your company has just one or already 1000 employees. Odoo is the ideal system for companies with a turnover of 0 – 250m€, i.e. the size of a start-up up to established medium-sized companies. Thanks to its modular principle, users can start with individual apps and add modules as needed.

About Procuros

Procuros is a tech company that builds infrastructure to connect companies: Their mission is to take the effort out of B2B transactions. Businesses of all sizes use the Procuros Integration Hub to automate their operations. A single connection to the Procuros platform empowers customers to automatically exchange trade transactions with all their partners – spending less time on manual data entry, they are enabled to focus on their core mission. Since founding Procuros in the summer of 2021, the company has raised over $10M in funding from top tier investors like Point Nine (early investors in Delivery Hero, Revolut and Zendesk) and Creandum (early investors in Spotify, Trade Republic and Klarna) as well as angels such as Denise Persson (CMO Snowflake), David Clarke (former CTO Workday), and Thijn Lamers (Adyen founding team)

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