Health- & Medtech ERP

Being active in the medical sector coincides with a huge amount of regulatory compliance requirements. From full product and component traceability to a structured and certified complaint process the needs for documentations are endless. We enable a seamless on-the-fly documentation while working on the tasks at hand. 

No matter how long the bill of materials, how sophisticated the production steps are or how many companies you manage, we will help you manage the complexities of your business model and leverage the existing capabilities.   

If your med tech solution does not require hardware you can also checkout our Software & XaaS content and we also have more information about general production.

“With much. we were able to structure our ERP exactly as we needed it, with a fast development to a minimum viable solution, quick implementation cycles, direct communication, and without any overhead, for a price that is also affordable for a small company.”

Phillipp Bell
Chief Commerce Officer, iTheraMedical GmbH

How we can help:


  • Full automatic traceability for products and components
  • Compliant feedback / complaint process
  • Automated forecasting and integrated production / procurement planning
  • Quality assurance through full or sample testing
  • In depth product lifecycle management (PLM) processes
  • Out of the box approval processes of any complexity
  • Integration of subcontractors and warehouse providers
  • Steering of attendance and shift planning
  • Invoicing of standard and complex sales agreements
  • Internationalization with commercial invoices and multiple currencies
  • Full multi-tenancy with automatic inter company transactions
  • Support of all international accounting standards

We provide all services needed to run an efficient and

robust business IT infrastructure