When developing or manufacturing  high-tech or mass products, inefficiencies in general processes might get overlooked due to the complexity of the production process. 

More often than not, processes once set can not cope with the changing needs and requirements of the company and can’t be easily adapted to reflect these changes. We can help you in creating an ERP platform four your company that is future-proof, reliable and can handle any complexity.

This will enable you to lead in your industry and provide unparalleled process efficiency to boost earnings and full transparency for you to have an edge over your competition. 

For companies specializing in producing highly regulated products, we offer solutions regarding compliance & security as well. Read more in our article about med-tech.

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“With much GmbH we have brought a successful partnership on board for both our financing and ERP project. Both projects benefited from the great competence, experience and network of the team. We could rely on maximum transparency and reliability during the planning phase.”

Charlotte Junkers 300x300 Charlotte Junker
CEO, Junkers Uhren GmbH

How we can help:


  • Automatic production planning based on multiple work centers, subcontractors and vendors incorporating the full complexity of your supply chains
  • Fully customizable workflows and views for external contractors or logistic providers
  • Full cost transparency through component and production time pricing
  • Automated quality checks for produced, incoming or outgoing products
  • Real time sales forecasts for utilization and stock optimizations
  • Fully flexible bill of materials to reflect individualized products 
  • Track serial & batch numbers for full compliance & traceability
  • Provide a full overview of all your assets, inventory value, finances and cash flow in real time
  • Full integration with your other systems through API, EDI and more

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