ERP for Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Efficient automation of complex manufacturing processes – flexible and future-proof!

Whether it’s high-tech or mass-produced, manufacturing processes are complex and unique for every company. Inefficiencies are easily overlooked and old processes often no longer fit changing requirements. We help you create a fully integrated ERP platform that is future-proof, reliable and can properly map any complexity. This way you stay ahead of the competition, increase your revenues and gain full visibility into your business with improved transparency!

For companies specializing in the manufacture of highly regulated products, we also offer solutions in terms of compliance & safety. Read more about ERP for Medtech.

We help you to master the special challenges in the manufacturing area with:

1. Centralized production planning & control, taking into account the full complexity of your supply chains

Manufacturers need to be able to effectively plan and control their production to maximize efficiency and shorten delivery times. Ineffective planning and control can lead to delays, bottlenecks and high costs.

For this we develop fully automated ERP solutions with:

Production scheduling: Plan production orders based on various factors such as customer demand, delivery times, and stock availability.

Bill of materials and routing management: Create detailed bills of materials and routings to plan and control the entire production process.

Production monitoring: Monitor the progress of manufacturing orders in real time and make adjustments as needed.

Resource planning: Plan resources such as employees, machines and tools effectively to optimize the production process.

Supplier management: Manage supplier information and contracts and monitor supplier performance and quality.

2. Complete inventory control in real time

Manufacturing companies can struggle to keep track of their inventory, which can cause bottlenecks, waste and high storage costs.

For this we develop fully automated ERP solutions with:

Automatic inventory tracking for all materials, goods and products in the warehouse.

Track stock movements such as arrivals, shipments, and transfers of materials and products.

Generation of automatic order suggestions when the value falls below a set threshold.

Stock valuation function for real-time calculation of stock value.

Real-time sales forecasting for utilization and inventory optimization.

3. Automated quality control & compliance

Manufacturing companies need to be able to maintain quality standards to ensure their products meet requirements. Without an effective solution to monitor and manage quality control and testing, this can be difficult.

For this we develop fully automated ERP solutions with:

Definition of individual quality control points and procedures in procurement, manufacturing, & distribution processes.

Automated creation of test orders and execution of tests.

Tracking of manufacturing batches and serial numbers.

Error tracking for materials and products for fast intervention and corrections.

Manage supplier ratings and supplier quality.

Audit management to verify quality standards and compliance requirements.

Management of deviations and actions to correct and prevent quality problems.

Centralized management of quality documents such as manuals, procedural instructions, and traini

Integration of quality data into business processes such as stock management and sales.

Support for quality certifications such as ISO 9001 or FDA compliance.

4. Full transparency & overview of costs & finances.

Manufacturers may struggle to gain a transparent view of their processes, inventories and finances. This can make it difficult to make decisions based on real-time information.

For this we develop fully automated ERP solutions with:

Complete real-time overview of all asset & stock values, finances and cash flows.

Full cost transparency through pricing for manufacturing components and times.

Reporting and dashboards to monitor financial KPIs to identify potential cost savings and increases in profitability.

Real-time tracking of all costs and budgets

Financial data analysis for trend detection and accurate business forecasting.

Integration with financial institutions & payment service providers to automate payment processes.

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