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If you provide services to other companies, you might think an ERP system is not for you. But ERP goes far beyond warehousing and production. We will help you to  have a seamless process from generating a lead, to creating & signing the quote digitally, creating and managing project tasks and invoicing directly from your task based time tracking. 


This will enable you to lead in your service industry and provide unparalleled process efficiency to boost earnings and full transparency for you and your customers to have an edge over your competition.

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“much. gave us first-class advice on the introduction of Odoo and built a perfectly fitting system for our B2B business. The ongoing support and fast implementation are exemplary! These guys are experts in what they do and we would hire them again anytime.”

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CEO & Founder, MysteryMinds GmbH

How we can help:


  • Fast and automated lead to customer process
  • Handle increasing complexity & pricing of projects 
  • Identify the exact time spent and revenue made with each order, service or client to avoid unprofitable projects and customers. In the end, you need to know where you make money
  • Know your utilization and plan your project resources
  • Schedule your team according to skill level and keep on top of vacations to not run out of staff
  • Enable unparalleled transparency for your customers via a customer portal for quote, orders, invoices, time tracks and project information
  • A fully integrated experience from a lead over the quote to time tracks and the final invoice.
  • Save on back office cost to reduce back office cost, e.g. billing, accounting and human resource management, by automation
  • Provide a full overview of all your finances and cash flow in real time.

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