ERP for service companies

Stay efficient and keep on top of your business – fully integrated ERP software also pays off for service providers

ERP applications today go far beyond warehousing and production and offer many benefits to service providers as well. We help you create seamless processes, from lead generation to digital quotation creation and signing, to automated subscription billing, to project management and automatic invoice generation directly from your task-based time tracking system. This helps you take the lead in your industry and achieve unprecedented process efficiencies to increase your revenue while providing full transparency to your customers.

We help you overcome the special challenges in the service sector with:

1. Central data management & reporting instead of tool zoo


Service providers often already use various “stand-alone” solutions, such as a CRM and a billing system. While this allows them to see how many leads have been generated and what has been invoiced, it lacks the overall view to understand how these sub-processes are related and to draw valuable conclusions for future business planning.

Our solution:

We help you manage your entire lead-to-sale-order-to-invoice funnel automatically in a single system. So you can see:

1. From how many leads a sale order was created.

2. From how many sale orders an invoice/subscription was created.

3. Which subscription or order has not been billed yet, etc.

With an ERP as the “single source of truth”, this information is now in one system, instead of spread over 10 data sources, and can be evaluated effortlessly. This allows you to identify the exact amount of time and revenue generated by each offer, service or customer, and helps you identify and avoid unprofitable projects. So you can see exactly where and how much turnover you’re generating!

2. Automatic process controls to reduce error rate


Especially in fast-growing companies, an increasing error rate becomes a problem when e.g. billing of subscriptions or time tracking of employees is almost forgotten due to too high manual workload. For service providers, this issue is particularly critical because, unlike in e.g., e-commerce, there are no physical goods that can be used to track errors. Instead, service companies are far more dependent on the correct data entry of their employees. So how can it be ensured on a constant basis?

Our solution:

With Odoo ERP, we integrate various automated control mechanisms in your processes that allow you to see what is going on in the company and where inefficiencies may exist. Your employees are thus automatically notified when data entries have been forgotten. For example, Odoo enables automatic notification of subscriptions and orders that have not yet been invoiced.

3. Multi-company capabilities with fine-granular user rights control


Service companies often have transnational structures with subcompanies in their domestic market and abroad, each with their own processes, tools and systems. Without a unified core system in which all data flows together, it is difficult for the management to keep an eye on the overall operation and to steer the business centrally.

Our solution:

With Odoo, you can manage all your entities in one system, while precisely controlling user rights within the system. Thanks to selective access permissions, you can also include employees from other subsidiaries in your projects, thus enabling cross-company collaboration. Likewise, with an automatic intracompany function for transfer services, you can automatically generate invoices with an internal billing rate. This allows transactions between different locations within your organization to be billed automatically.

Rely on an experienced partner for ERP projects with specialized know-how in the service sector

We successfully manage and support already more than 70 ERP projects for international companies of all sizes:

Bela Aqua
Air Up
Soul Spice
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Byte 5
Leviathan GmbH
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How we can achieve the same for you?


Dedicated Team

Dedicated expert team for service providers

Through our experience, we know the typical challenges of service providers and can a) understand problems faster and b) find better solutions.


Early Go live in 3-6 months

Using our industry expertise combined with an agile project approach, we can get your ERP system up and running early, delivering real value to your business success in a matter of months.


Multilingual service

We offer all our services in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.


Clear focus on your must-haves

With our iterative approach, we work in small sprints that can be implemented and tested quickly. This allows us to repeatedly review requirements and goals to ensure that the final solution meets them.

What our customers say


„I was and still am very impressed how, with the support of much. Consulting, we were not only able to make an informed choice for a new ERP system within a few months, but also implement it in just three months without delay and within the planned budget. With much.’s support, we can continue on our steep growth path.”

Fabian Schlang
Fabian Schlang
Co-Founder & COO air up GmbH


„much. is a reliable partner for us and much more than a mere supplier, enabling us to take our business to the next level. The team at much. is incredibly smart, understands the ins and outs of our business very quickly, and is a proactive partner from the start, delivering solutions while thinking outside the box.”

Michael Kowalzik
Managing Shareholder, Miomente GmbH


„much. did a first-class job advising us on the implementation of Odoo and built a perfectly fitting system for our B2B business. The ongoing support and quick implementation are exemplary! The guys are expert at what they do and we would hire them again anytime.”

Christoph Debres
CEO & Founder, MysteryMinds GmbH


„With much. we were able to structure our ERP exactly the way we needed it, with rapid development to a minimum viable solution, quick implementation cycles, direct communication and no overhead, at a price that is affordable even for a small business.”

Phillipp Bell
Chief Commerce Officer, iTheraMedical GmbH

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