Odoo Implementation

The choice of partner & project methodology is crucial to the success of the project

Odoo offers numerous benefits for your business. It integrates all your operations, automates your processes and allows you to run and scale your business smoothly and efficiently. Always provided, of course, that the implementation of your system is successful.

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much. Consulting is one of the top 5 Odoo Gold Partners in Germany.

This makes it all the more important to choose the right partner for your Odoo project with a tried-and-tested, rock-solid implementation method. After all, both have a significant impact on the success of the project. For example, various studies show that companies that rely on an implementation partner with specialized ERP expertise and agile project methods have significantly higher chances of success.

In the following, we guide you through the implementation approach we use at much. Consulting. With this we explain in detail how we manage to successfully overcome the biggest hurdles of an odoo implementation, which concrete steps and phases it includes and what successes we have achieved with it.

Launch your Odoo successfully, with much. Consulting

Team up with a leading German Odoo Gold Partner

much. Consulting is a boutique consultancy with more than 70 developers & consultants with offices in Germany and Portugal. We support companies of all sizes and industries to automate their processes with Odoo and thus increase the efficiency of their business operations.

One of the top 10 Odoo Gold partners in Europe

Team of more than 65 developers and consultants

Offices in Germany and Portugal

Dedicated Odoo Managed Service team

Multilingual service in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese

100% project success rate

97% customer retention rate

Rely on a track record of over 70 successful Odoo implementation projects for various international companies!

We offer all services to make your Odoo project a success!

Our implementation approach circumvents the usual pitfalls of ERP projects

In fact, the biggest problem with ERP projects is the high failure rate, as it quickly can put the entire company in jeopardy. If you measure the success of an ERP project in terms of keeping to the planned budget and timeline, about 74% of all projects can be considered a failure, with 29% even resulting in a total shutdown and need to be abandoned. To prevent this from happening in our clients’ Odoo projects, we have designed our implementation method to preempt the main causes of project failure from the get go:


Failure to plan the implementation & reserve resources

Missing change management

Lack of proper training

Missing focus & testing on “must have” features

Poor business process & data quality

Lack of system flexibility


Clear time table & responsibilities for inhouse employees

Include all employees early & let them define the change

Users start working with the system in the implementation

Dedicated testing & 2nd implementation for feedback

much. designs new automated processes and enhance data quality hands-on, no excuses

Odoo is the most flexible system on the market

This approach has proven to be effective: Over the last 5 years, it has allowed us to maintain a 100% success rate for our Odoo implementations, as well as a 97% customer retention rate

How to implement Odoo with much. Consulting – This is how we do it

As a full-service Odoo implementation partner, we offer all services to accompany and support you along the entire lifecycle of your Odoo:

1. pre-project & ERP audit*

For larger project scopes, we first develop an overall concept. This allows us to gain a shared overview, to clearly define and prioritize the project goals, and to allocate resources in the main project with the greatest possible efficiency and precision.

*Optional for organizations with over 16 employees, required for organizations with over 100 employees.

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2. Implementation & migration

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3. Odoo Managed Service

Even after a successful go-live, we don’t leave you to fend for yourself. On the contrary, we offer all the services you need to maintain and keep your Odoo running smoothly and efficiently in the long-term!

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1. pre-project – When is it advisable?

A Pre-project generally makes sense when an organization has complex functional requirements for its Odoo. Here, our experts create real added value for you by analyzing processes and product lines in close collaboration. This allows us to prepare an offer for you that ensures considerable time, effort and money savings in the main project.


ERP audit (optional)


Requirement workshops for each business unit


GAP analysis


Project setup & -plan


Summary & presentation of results


Offer and Q & A

2. Implementation & migration

The actual implementation of your new Odoos requires many individual steps, depending on the scope of your requirements. To maintain a consistently high standard of quality here, so that all processes function as intended in the end, we take a modular approach in which each app is implemented in its own cycle:

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Odoo implementation steps

2.1 Kick off 

2.2 Set up

2.3 Modul workshops

2.4. Implementation

2.5 Walk through

2.6 2nd round of testing:

User feedback and testing

2.7 Final adjustments

2.8 End2End testing

2.9 Go live

2.1 Kick-off

The main project always begins with a kick-off. Here, our project team introduces itself for the first time and explains the respective roles and responsibilities. In addition, the project plan and schedule are finalized and future communication tools and practices are established.

2.2 Set-up

Before the workshops begin, our team sets the foundation for our joint project. This includes setting up your Odoo ERP instance and the related development and staging instances, domains, mail servers, as well as creating user accounts for key stakeholders. Depending on which modules you need, additional setups are also performed here, such as a chart of accounts.


2.3 Module workshops

For each Odoo app, we hold a separate kick-off workshop. Here we introduce all stakeholders to their future daily workflows in Odoo. Furthermore, we discuss necessary integrations and gather additional requirements. Afterwards, we define the further implementation plan for the respective module with you

We offer all services to make your Odoo project a success!

2.4 Implementation

In the actual implementation phase, our consultants translate the gathered requirements into the right configurations in your new Odoo. Implementation is a whole process in itself and includes various steps such as system customization, training, data migration and integration with other systems.

2.4.1. Configuration

During the initial Odoo setup, we create all your desired companies, sub-companies, languages and currencies and install all required Odoo apps, modules and extensions. We then create and configure the basic data so that your core processes can run easily and efficiently in Odoo. This includes, for example, customer data, product data, material lists, supplier information and much more.

2.4.2. Customizing

If requirements cannot be met with Odoo standard features, our experts must customize your system accordingly. However, we always make sure to stay as close to the standard as possible and only make small changes to the system core in order to save costs in maintenance later on and to ensure that these can be kept constantly low even after the successful completion of the project and to keep your Odoo as uncomplicated as possible on a technical level. Customizing includes, among other things, the development and/or extension of apps, the addition of new integrations, processes, buttons, fields, actions and workflows.

2.4.3 Odoo integrations

In order to save you from having to enter data manually in the future, we integrate all third-party systems that affect your business processes. This includes incoming and outgoing transactions from shop systems & marketplaces (e.g. Shopify, Magento, Shopware, Amazon, Ebay), one-to-one CRM solutions (e.g. Salesforce, Pipedrive & Hubspot) or even a direct connection to your logistics service provider, shipping service provider, financial systems (e.g. DATEV) and other customer-specific systems. For many common systems, we have also developed our own integration frameworks, which are leading the market, especially in terms of performance, and make Odoo a real alternative to traditional and outdated ERP solutions, even for transaction-heavy companies.

2.4.4 Trainings

Training, reviews and tests are central components of our project cycle. This allows your employees to familiarize themselves with Odoo at an early stage. At the end of each milestone, a full training session is conducted and recorded for any follow-up questions that may arise, so that any knowledge gaps can be closed easily and cost-effectively. To reinforce knowledge transfer to users during implementation and encourage thorough testing phases, we provide you with an extensive Odoo knowledge base that includes videos, FAQs, and articles for all areas of the business. This helps your users get familiar with Odoo and understand how exactly the system will support them in their daily work. 


2.4.5 Data optimization & migration

Sales: offers, sale orders, shipments

Purchasing: framework agreements, supplier prices, incoming shipments

Logistics: warehouse structure, stock levels, serial/batch numbers

Accounting: chart of accounts, account movements, cost accounting, budgets, payments, tracking

2.4.6 1st round of testing: Internal testing

Each customization is always tested by one of our developers in order to detect and avoid technical errors at an early stage. Afterwards, the responsible project manager or consultant checks the customization once again for discrepancies between implementation and requirements. Then, the ticket is passed on to the team along with information about the feature’s application and testing.

We offer all services to make your Odoo project a success!

2.5 Walk-through

Once the implementation has been successfully completed, we will schedule a walk-through. Here we show you & your users the running system and all the required processes in your new Odoo. If the system functionality meets the pre-defined requirements, the customer starts testing the system.

2.6 2nd round of testing: user feedback and testing

Now it’s your turn to test your new Odoo! First, we define the testing scope with test manuals & scripts. All Odoo modules and features will be tested separately and together. Likewise, all integrations need to be tested to ensure Odoo interacts correctly with other systems. While you and your users are testing your system, of course, you can always report bugs and ask questions.

2.7 Final adjustments

After receiving your feedback, we finalize the configurations. When all the requirements of the previous phases have been met, the project team and stakeholders begin the final testing.

2.8 End2End testing

Once all Odoo modules and features are completed, the end-to-end testing phase begins. This is when your users test your fully configured Odoo one last time before it goes live. For the first time, all integrations work simultaneously and users can see how their processes will work in the production system. At this stage, we also start creating project documentation and training materials tailored to your exact needs and requests. This is the final step before your Odoo goes live.

2.9 Go-Live

Going live with a new system always causes some nervousness and is usually difficult enough when everything is running perfectly. If problems arise without adequate support available, it can lead to a negative experience. We support you as first point of contact on-site for any user problems and help you to quickly classify and solve questions and problems. We always have your back!

We offer all services to make your Odoo project a success!

3. Odoo Managed Service

Of course, it doesn’t end with a successful go-live. To ensure that your new Odoo runs smoothly in the long term and that your users are always up to date and satisfied with their daily work in Odoo, we are happy to support you with our Managed Service Team after the launch as well!

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User Support:
We make sure your employees are happy in their day-to-day work with Odoo!

Access to user rights

Resolving error messages

System translations

Fixing minor bugs

System monitoring

Solving general user questions


Maintenance & care: We make sure that your Odoo always runs smoothly & efficiently!



Bug fixes


Emergency support


New features & processes:
We make sure your Odoo grows with your business!

Installation & configuration of new, additional apps

Adding simple fields

Additional customizations

Automation of entire processes


Training & Documentation: We make sure that your users always know how to work with Odoo!

Knowledge Management

User training

Onboarding new users

Access to text & video documentation

Training questions for users

We offer all services to make your Odoo project a success!