Process Automation

By digitizing processes with ERP systems, a lot of unnecessary work can be avoided  by quickly accessing all documents digitally from everywhere with little search cost. But the more significant efficiency gains can be achieved with automation of standard tasks. Our vision is “No more boring tasks”, which we accomplish by automating, next to digitizing and integration.

Even though most processes can be automated, the focus for automation should always be on a high return on investment (ROI). We often reach an amortization period (time until gains have paid for the cost of automation) of less than 6 month by sticking to the following approaches:

  • automating processes that every company has (e.g. accounting, hr, financial reporting) and
  • further only automating processes that are at the core of your business.
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We provide all services needed to run an efficient and

robust business IT infrastructure

Automation of every company, every day processes

Most companies have the same or similar process in the back office. By using standard templates, preconfigured and already scripted mechanisms we can quickly deliver very high ROI automations in a matter of weeks.

Often, our templates only need to be slightly customized. By using battle-tested processes, which are also used at some of the fastest-growing companies to handle 10x yearly growth, you can benefit from our experience to the fullest extent. Even most processes, that on first glance do not look like they can be automated, have hidden potentials.

    Talk to us about the following and many more every day processes:

    • Billing: Invoice-to-Reconciliation-to-Posted
    • Expenditure: Money-spent-to-receipt-to-reinbursement-to-posted
    • Purchasing: Need-to-Approval-to-RFP-to-Purchase-to-Payment-to-Posting
    • Sales: Lead-to-Opportunity-to-Quote-to-Order-to-Invoice
    • Hire: Need-Publish-Apply-Evaeluate-Contract-Onboard
    • BI: daily KPI update, e.g. for cash flow management
    • Ongoing contracts: subscription billing, retention & renewal

    Automation of your unique core processes

    Every company has unique processes that enable it to build a competitive advantage. We have developed dozens of custom and highly automated processes for a diverse range of industries.

     By bringing ERP systems to their limits, drastically increasing data quality and adding heuristics and machine learning, we are able to bring you one step ahead of your competition.

    Curious how we can tackle your processes?

    We can introduce new and automate or rebuild existing processes. To determine where to start and to achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI) we analyse your processes and company.

    Process potential analysis

    We will work together with your core teams to identify your processes and classify rate them according to by importance, number of monthly executions, time consumed per execution, and cost. Furthermore, we will analyze the underlying data quality and how much it would need to be improved to automate the process. This often also leads to the analysis of new integrations to achieve better data quality. This information is compiled to build a cost & efficiency gain estimate for each process.

    As a result, you will receive a list and step-by-step description of all your core processes rated by return-on-investment for automation. Of course, we also support you to analyze future business cases and estimate how many new employees you can cross out from your business plan by automating. In the next step, we help you automate the identified high potentials.

    The roadmap for a process potential analysis is:

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    Business process reengineering (BPR)

    The workflows in your company have often grown organically over time. If the processes were not explicitly managed and improved, it can be beneficial to start from scratch and rebuild existing processes by taking all challenges of today into account. Of course, the expected improvements should be analyzed and considered here as well.

    The route to better processes:

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      Introduce new automated processes

      Often, core processes in the company are not defined or do not exist at all. In this case, we help you utilize efficient processes, adopt them to your needs and implement them in your IT system. 

      New processes are introduced with the following pattern:

      3 Processes Kopie 2nd Process 1

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      Automate existing processes

      If you already have battle-tested and improved processes, we can also support you in automating the current workflow. We will work together directly with the current process runners to use their knowledge about the process, edge cases, expected problems and data quality. This will help us accompany your employees while the process is changed and to utilize your inhouse knowledge to the fullest extent. 

      Execute steps:
      • Find all processes that can be automated with a high ROI
      • Document everything about the workflow with the operations teams
      • Define needed data & data quality for automation
      • Establish a process to achieve goal data quality
      • Integrate new data if necessary 
      • Automate process by implementing automation directly into the ERP
      • Test & harden the automation
      • Warn user when manual steps are required
      • Build FAQ knowledge base, document details & 
      • Train staff
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      We provide all services needed to run an efficient and

      robust business IT infrastructure