Saas & Software

Software, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS companies are low operations businesses before they scale. But when your product takes off, a lot of often unexpected challenges hit you all at once. International tax law for digital goods & services was introduced in many countries and today about 80 different legislations are in place. Even in the EU, the rules differ between countries. Furthermore, selling licenses to corporates makes new processes next to the standard subscriptions necessary. And running simple subscriptions at scale comes with it’s own challenges, especially if you introduce usage based pricing

An ERP system circumvents the typical challenges, helps you to internationalize and enables you to automate over 90% of all sales, operations, subscription billing and accounting tasks. With our approach to Software and XaaS ERP systems, we can reduce the amount of administrative personnel and enable you to fully focus on your business.

“much. gave us first-class advice on the introduction of Odoo and built a perfectly fitting system for our B2B business. The ongoing support and fast implementation are exemplary! These guys are experts in what they do and we would hire them again anytime.”

Christoph Debres
CEO & Founder, MysteryMinds GmbH

What we can achieve for you:


  • Implement state of the art operations, billing & accounting processes on a flexible architecture with a very low time to market to operate any software, IaaS, PaaS or SaaS business (1-3 month).
  • Provide a 100% API driven subscription & one time billing platform with a fixed price
  • Handle complex usage based subscriptions (e.g. users, storage, cpu, processes, datapoints…)
  • Prevent revenue loss with automated churn rate management and dunning processes that bring users with bounced payment methods back
  • Introduce corporate-ready sales process & documents, including standard digital provision of T&S, SLA, DPAs (ADV) and quotes
  • Sell into every country on the planet while being tax compliant
  • Provide different local payment methods and different currencies
  • Create your own cross border, cross currency marketplace 
  • Pay partners kick backs automatically and account them correctly
  • Provide a full overview of all your subscriptions KPIs, finances and cash flow in real time

We provide all services needed to run an efficient and

robust business IT infrastructure