Odoo 17 Sneak Peek Update: Unveiling Exciting New Features of the Next Release!

Oct 18, 2023 | Odoo, Odoo, Odoo

We’re now less than a month away from the official release of Odoo 17! The closer we get to this eagerly awaited launch, the more hints at new features are released. As anticipation rises for Odoo Users, Partners, and Developers alike, we have collected recent information from across Social Media to bring you an updated Odoo 17 sneak peek with everything we know already. We will cover the very latest information about the upcoming Odoo 17 release. From entirely revamped modules to enhanced features and brand new functionalities, get ready to discover what awaits you in this highly anticipated update!

Odoo 17 expected Features –  Everything we Know about What’s to Come

Traditionally, the annual Odoo Experience serves as the platform for launching each new Odoo release, gathering the global partner network and Odoo community in Brussels, the home of Odoo. However, this year, Odoo has surprised us with a change. The Experience is scheduled for November instead of the usual October timeframe. 

While this means a bit more patience is required to explore Odoo 17, exciting details have already started to emerge. Through the recent Odoo Partner Day and from various social media channels, we’ve gathered some of the most enticing sneak peeks to share with you here.

Dressed to impress – Odoo 17 will come with a whole new Look & Feel

While the release of Odoo 17 is still several months away, the online sphere has been buzzing with excitement as first glimpses of the new user interface have emerged. These sneak peeks reveal drastic changes that are set to transform the face of Odoo entirely

1. Radical UI overhaul – say hello to Odoo’s new face!

Odoo 17 aims to deliver a redesigned user interface, incorporating refined icons and colors in a fresh, modern color scheme. This updated look not only enhances visual appeal but also improves the overall user experience. In Addition,  Users can now enjoy the freedom to personalize their Odoo Home screen by easily rearranging apps through a convenient drag-and-drop feature.

Odoo 17 UI

Dark Mode:

Odoo 17 UI Dark Mode

2. New Unified Search View with Odoo 17’s Milk Theme 

Odoo 17 introduces a further innovative UI enhancement with the so-called Milk Theme, featuring a revamped Search View. With the Search tab now centrally located and the consolidation of “Filter“, “Group by“, and “Favorites” submenus, users experience a more intuitive and efficient search process. This unified approach not only saves time but also improves productivity by providing easy access to essential search functionalities in a sleek and modern interface.

3. Further UX enhancements – Introducing Shortcuts for Odoo PWA and Quick Record Selection

In Odoo 17, accessing Odoo PWA becomes easier with the introduction of shortcuts on smartphones. Odoo’s R&D team has explored a shortcut method, enabling users to quickly access significant apps within their Odoo instance. This exciting feature is expected to be included in Odoo 17, pending the release notes for confirmation.

Additionally, Odoo 17 streamlines the process of selecting and unselecting records. The new interface introduces keyboard shortcuts for effortless record selection, with support for using the Shift key for multiple selections. Users will also have the convenience of an ‘Unselect all‘ button to quickly remove selected records.

Exploring Odoo 17 App by App: New Features Across the Board

Unveiling the latest updates, we bring you an exclusive overview of the known changes and new features in each app of Odoo 17. From sales to HR to inventory management, discover the advancements that have been revealed so far. Stay ahead of the game as we provide you with a comprehensive summary of what to expect across the board in Odoo 17.

Esign: Streamlined Document Signing with Automated Reminders

Stay on top of documents awaiting your signature with the new reminder feature in the Sign module.

Sales: Effortless Quotation Building and Real-time Customization

With Odoo 17, you can effortlessly create quotations while visiting a customer. The new catalog view allows you to choose products, adjust quantities, and modify your sale order on the fly.

POS: Self-Service Ordering and Convenient Mobile Payment

Enhance customer experience by enabling self-service ordering through tablets or mobile phones. Customers can place orders themselves by scanning a QR code, and payment can be conveniently handled.

POS: Preparation display with Kitchen Screen

Odoo 17 introduces the Kitchen Screen for Point of Sale (POS), offering a range of impressive features. It boasts a real-time feed without the need for reloading, a user-friendly touchscreen interface, customizable stages, and quick filters for enhanced order management. With the ability to create multiple screens and categories, different teams can easily manage their specific tasks. The best part is that it works on any screen, eliminating the need for additional hardware. To showcase its capabilities, simply navigate to POS > Order > Preparation Display

One crucial feature that still seems to be missing, however, is the display of the order number in the top area, allowing customers to be called as soon as their order is ready.  It remains to be hoped that Odoo will add this feature before the official release.

POS: Innovative UI

Point of Service in Odoo 17 will receive an entirely new and groundbreaking interface. Not only will it boast a new look and feel, it will also streamline functionalities – and we hear that you will be able to try it yourself at this year’s Odoo Experience!

Employees: Visualize Company Hierarchy & Structures with Ease

Odoo 17 introduces a department organization chart, improving the visual representation of company and employee structures, and promoting clearer understanding and collaboration within the organization.

Appointments: Efficient Resource Booking for Company Facilities and Spaces

Efficiently manage resources and enable visitors to book various facilities such as tennis courts, meeting rooms, and restaurant tables.
Odoo 17 Appointments Efficient Booking

Invoicing: Improved Order Confirmation with Partial Payment Option

Improve order confirmation by requesting partial payments. This feature allows customers to confirm orders by making partial payments, increasing order commitment.

Subscription: Seamless Management of Recurring Product Deliveries and Subscriptions

Streamline recurring product delivery through subscription services. Odoo 17 enables the handling of recurring deliveries of storable products as part of a subscription model.

Subscription: Managing Close Reasons to Increase Retention

Bringing new functionalities to the Subscriptions Module, Odoo 17 can help you ensure that subscription retention rates are maintained with less effort on your side! The updated version of Odoo will now allow you to connect Close Reasons to the Customer Portal. Furthermore it will allow you to separate Close Reasons internally and externally

With the newly introduced retention steps, you will have the possibility to set subscription closing message templates. These will make sure that you can assess the reason for subscription loss and add a subscription reconsideration message if need be! 

With these anticipated functionalities and seamless connection across  Odoo 17 modules, you can seamlessly follow up on subscription closure steps and increase retention by: 

  • Offering your customers an appointment
  • Requesting & receiving feedback via Survey
  • Inviting them to a Web Event
  • Redirecting them to a landing page

Spreadsheet: Enhanced Collaboration with Shared Snapshot Views of Spreadsheets

Easily share snapshots of your spreadsheets with collaborators, giving them access to your reports for better collaboration and insights.

Spreadsheet: Add images to your Odoo 17 Spreadsheets

We have already covered new Spreadsheets shared snapshot functionality – now get ready for Work with Images! With Odoo 17 you will be able to add images to your spreadsheets, edit them, resize them, and seamlessly edge snap them!

HR: Automated Attendance Tracking and Overtime Computation

Simplify attendance management and overtime calculations with the Attendances and working schedule features. Odoo automates overtime computation, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Inventory: Better Lot Tracking with Additional Property Fields for Detailed Information

Enhance lot tracking in inventory management by adding property fields. These fields can store and display additional information for each lot, allowing for better tracking and management.

Inventory: Relocation Made Simple!

With Odoo 17, inventory relocation will become possible in a matter of seconds. It will soon become a 3-step process: batch selecting stock, clicking on the Relocate button, selecting New Location / Relocation Reason and you’re good to go!

Knowledge: Customizable Databases for Organized Article Management and Display

Customize your articles with custom databases and present them in various views such as kanbans, lists, and calendars. This feature provides flexibility in organizing and displaying information within your knowledge base.

To-Do: Bye-bye Notes App, Hello Odoo To-do!

Get ready to say goodbye to Odoo Notes and make way for an entirely new module – Odoo To-do! This new application will elevate Odoo Notes functionalities and further connect them to your entire Odoo environment. With Odoo 17 and its To-do app, you will be able to convert any list item into a task, allowing for a seamless connection between other modules such as Odoo Project.

Manufacturing: Barcodes, BoM Automation & Batch WOs Overhaul

Odoo 17 promises a full optimization of key Manufacturing features. 

It will provide improved support in requested areas like Value Engineering, Process Refinement, Redesign/Reengineering, Iterative BoM Optimization, and Design for Manufacturability.

Batch Work Order Operations will now be possible, from batch managing WO status from a list overview to batch assigning WOs to employees.

Odoo 17 will also permit an intersection between the Barcode App and Manufacturing.

Discuss: Express yourself with Odoo 17 Discuss

With Odoo 17, you will be able to diversify your Odoo Discuss chats with GIFs! Administrators will also have the capacity to manage the limits and filters attributed to used GIFs in the Module Settings.

Overall UX: Custom Filters Now Explosive for Quicker Editing

With this module-wide Odoo 17 capability, you will be able to quickly edit your custom filters by exploding them. It’s as simple as clicking on the filter button on the left corner of the search bar. This will prompt Odoo to expand the custom filter settings for you to edit them with ease. You will also be able to easily combine filtering commands “and” with “or”.

Ready to get your Odoo project started? Team up with our experts!

Odoo 17 is set to bring exciting new features and improvements to the table. From a revamped user interface to enhanced functionalities across multiple modules, this release has the potential to transform the way businesses operate.

You want to further explore the benefits and possibilities Odoo offers for your business? Talk to our experts! They can provide personalized insights and guidance for your specific project needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the power of Odoo 17 – reach out to our team today and start a conversation that can revolutionize your business.

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