Odoo 17 on the Horizon: Odoo 13 Users, Get Ready to Upgrade 

Oct 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

With the much-anticipated launch of Odoo 17 just around the corner, the global Odoo community is abuzz, eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Odoo Experience event in Brussels. Amid the excitement, there is a crucial transition for business currently still running on Odoo 13 on the horizon. Odoo follows a support policy that includes providing assistance and bug fixing for their three most recent major versions.  Consequently, as Odoo 17 approaches, it’s important to note that Odoo 13 is next in line to bid farewell to its support phase.

In this article, we’ll delve into what this transition means for Odoo 13 users and how to prepare for a smooth Odoo upgrade.

What You Should Keep in Mind for a Smooth Upgrade from Odoo 13 to 17

Are you ready to upgrade your Odoo from version 13 to the eagerly awaited Odoo 17? Don’t panic; at first glance, it might seem like a daunting project to take on, but rest assured, it’s a routine part of your Odoo journey, that ensures  smooth sailing for your business’s long-term success. Plus, it comes with great perks: new features, improved performance, and an opportunity to declutter your Odoo. Think of it as tidying up your workspace and embracing better ways of doing things.

So, let’s dive into the essentials you need to know to make this upgrade a breeze. With some careful planning, upgrading any Odoo from 13 to 17 is a straightforward process. To help with that, we have some key considerations to keep in mind: 

1. Take your Odoo upgrade step by step

When planning your Odoo upgrade from version 13 to 17, adopting a smart approach can save you from unnecessary headaches. Instead of making a giant leap, it’s wiser to take smaller steps

Odoo’s update process only allows version upgrades of two versions at a time. This is partly due to the extensive changes in data models between the versions. So, if your goal is to transition from Odoo 13 to 17, the best practice is to first migrate to Odoo 15. Think of it like crossing a river: taking a giant leap can be risky, like attempting to jump to the other side in one go. You might fall and face disruptions. Instead, stepping from stone to stone allows for a more controlled and safer journey, with each stone representing a version upgrade. This way you not only reduce risks but also allow for more comprehensive testing and issue resolution at each stage, ultimately ensuring a smoother transition to Odoo 17 with minimal disruptions to your business.

2. Beware of Custom Code!

Customization makes your Odoo solution uniquely yours, but it can also be a double-edged sword during upgrades. Beware! The level of custom code in your system can significantly impact the scope and complexity of your upgrade.

If your Odoo is pure standard, upgrading is usually a breeze. As a rule of thumb, it can be estimated about up to 2 days of effort per upgrade, and you’re good to go. However, the story gets a little more complicated if custom code is involved. The time and effort required for the upgrade depend on various factors like the quality of your code, the system’s size and complexity, and the number of integrations in play. In short, customizations add a twist to the upgrade tale. So, prepare wisely, assess your customizations, and be ready for a journey that matches your Odoo’s unique landscape.

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Upgrading your Odoo from one version to another is a journey that keeps your business in sync with the latest features and improvements, but it’s essential to navigate it wisely. As we eagerly await Odoo 17, remember that every step you take towards a successful upgrade is a step towards a more efficient and competitive business.

The path from Odoo 13 to 17 might seem like a leap, but with the right guidance and support, it can be a smooth transition. Rely on the experience of our seasoned Odoo experts! We’re here to ensure that your Odoo upgrade goes hassle-free, and that your business continues to thrive with Odoo’s latest offerings.

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